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June 08, 2009



Unbefuckinglievable. Now I'm out fifty quid in various bets, despite having been bang up right on the analysis - they actually lost votes in Yorkshire and gained less than 5k in NW, but I was blindsided by the expenses scandal and consequent collapse in the turnout. All one can do here is repeat the poker player's mantra that these things even out over time.

Chris Williams

Hmm . . . I can't help noting that if about 5,000 more people in the NW had held their noses and voted Green, Griffin wouldn't be heading for Strasbourg. More to the point, Brons would, which could lead to some fun tensions in the future.


The Greens trounced Labour in the South East. I guess its very possible that they may get their first MP in the next election.


OK, so you're a Brussels lobbyist and there's a key amendment coming up on the telecom package or the chems regulations or the trade agreement with China, and you've got to find two more votes in the codecision committee in the next thirty minutes. As you're walking into the Econome with Danny Cohn-Bendit, you see Andrew Brons walking out. What do you say?

This is going to be a delightfully strange parliament.

Richard J


There's a lot of oddities in the lower ends of the London results. The massively popular independent candidate seems to a testament to the power of the Tamil block vote (most of the shops near my flat seem to be run by Tamils, so they might have a greater profile for me than for others.)


It's a relief to see the first BNP MP (albeit it the E parliament) in this country is a full-on racist nutter.


I stopped worrying once he opened his mouth. The man could bore for England, and probably will.


Yeah. It did sound like he was up for the Golden Fascist award.

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