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July 22, 2009


Fellow Traveller

This bloke plans to do the reverse of Robin Williams the robot in Bicentennial Man so that he can pop a projector out of his head whenever he wants to impress the chicks?

It worked for Williams I guess.


After some of the BME links I've regretted following, that was pretty tame - "oh, it's just some guy who's had his dick cut off". The realisation that it was actually some guy who'd deliberately cut off his own dick gave it a certain leg-crossing je ne sais quoi, I'll grant you.


Kathryn Cramer's blog has a category called "Dumb Body Modification". (Actually about RFID, but you get the picture.)


You don't see much of NTK-fave Kevin Warwick these days do you?

Chris Williams

A wannabe cyborg is not something to be. In any case, you don't see so much of NTK either, more's the pity. I had that Dave Green in the beam of my theatre lights once. Lovely man.

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