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July 17, 2009



The Old French "saille" also means to rush out suddenly and the Latin "salire" means to leap. This is the underlying energy of the willow

They mispled "probably has nothing to do with 'salix', the Latin word for ". And they have no idea what Ogham is.

If you feel you have made a deep connection with a tree and want to end that communication

"If you try this stuff out for a laugh one night when you're stoned, but then start to suspect that it actually works and freak out..."


I don't think I'd make a very good pagan either, I can't even read this stuff without sniggering.

Richard J

You have to admire the pagans for the aplomb with which they get past the whole 'made up from scratch in the 20s thing'. They're almost as good as the catholics at it.


Would that it was made up from scratch in the 20s. The Pagan Revival started with Gerald Gardner's "discovery" of Wicca in the 1940s and only really got going in the 50s; one can persuasively argue that the Church of Elvis is an older denomination. The Woodcraft Folk and Kindred of Kibbo Kift did start up in the 1920s but they were basically competitor organisations to Boy Scouts and didn't take the druidy stuff seriously - modern paganism basically got going when some of the dafter element of the Woodcraft Folk met up with some of the saner element of the Aleister Crowley circle and found a level of woo that they were both happy with.

Richard J

Ah, I'd always kind of assumed there was a natural bleed-through from the theosophists and the Steinerites...


"The Britt Eckalnd character in The Wicker Man was called Willow too, by the way."

As is, of course, Buffy's technopagan best friend.


Actually the Woodcraft Folk (founded 1925) was a less cultic and less political split from the Kibbo Kift (founded 1920), which subsequently got even cultic and political. John Hargrave's 1927 book-length manifesto, Confession of the Kibbo Kift, includes some stuff about "equation of Production to Consumption through the recognition of the Just Price", and the KK itself eventually metamorphosed into the Social Credit Party (flanked by the Greenshirt Movement). No woo, though.


"even more cultic and political", obviously.

Richard J

I'm impressed that I've made it this far in my life without ever having heard of the Kibbo Kift before...


Just read up about them. Gosh, that's pretty weird stuff. We're a lot less tolerant (and as a result productive) of eccentricity now than we used to be.

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