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August 28, 2009



My favourite twist is Jenvey's conversion to Islam.

Chris Williams

Massive props go out to Tim Ireland for this. He's a great exponent of the principles of proper investigative journalism: never, ever give up, and always pay attention to detail.


"My favourite twist is Jenvey's conversion to Islam"

Bizarre but somehow predictable as well. I mean, why not? It's not as if he has any beliefs or anything other than in himself as master spy and man of destiny. he can always convert back and claim he was infiltrating.

Hey, betcha he's got those carpet burns for Allah on his forehead by now.


It's telling that he and Paul Staines were both freeloading off opposite sides of the apartheid struggle at the same time.

(Sudden inspiration - whatever happened to that "BritainAndAmerica" thing Stephan Shakespeare started?)


Talking of Tim Ireland, is Bloggerheads out of service at the mo?

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