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August 30, 2009


Lisa Stone

I just pray he doesn't harm any more people.


Well, what do they want from us...simpathy? He caused so many people to die...well, we'll give him our "sorries" but not for what he did.

Richard J

Clever spam there.

john b

Indeed. I took the first one as quite entertaining satire, until I saw the second and checked the URL.

Chris Williams

Having, like you both, been entertained by the first of the spambot comments, I now have a slightly dirty feeling which leads me to suspect that I'll never be able to fall in properly in love with a robot.


I have seen the spambots and they work.

Richard J

This place does seem to be something of a proving ground for spambots, but that one looks like it might be coming close to, if not the Turing test, the Elliot test, maybe.

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