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September 19, 2009


Dave Weeden

From the BBC article. "I have always met rubbish people - now I'd like someone nice in my life." Very sad, given the paragraph quoted above. But revisionism is like that.

As for the conservatives, Alan Clark went through a mini-revival on the 10th anniversary of his death, mostly because he was such an inveterate puller. He doesn't seem to have been as interested in sex as in serial conquest. Sad that people think of him as a failure otherwise: writing a best-selling history book which was adapted by a left-wing theatre outfit into a long-running show is success in my book. And not getting on with Thatcher was a feature, not a bug, as they say.


Well, there was the Ron Davis Clapham Common incident, and Robin Cook (though Campbell controlled much of the fallout from the latter), but you're right: the Tories will offer much more (ahem) exotic fare. That said, New Labour's gay-friendly legislation makes it easier for even Tories to come out of the closet (see Alan Duncan, who will be had by the media over money rather than sex). My guess is that 'satsuma-type' incidents (i.e. kinky sex) or the usual stripper/prostitute/lapdancer fracas will be the best option.

PS: I also reckon Nadine Dorries (the poor person's mix of Edwina Currie and Ann Widdecombe) could be worth a comedy moment or two.


The thought of Clark as a success scares me - in a party of shits he was a stand-out. None of his history is taken seriously anymore; his hooray for Herrenvolk Naziphilia is only one of the reasons.

Dave Weeden

Well, here's some Alan Clark revisionism and more. Part of his appeal comes from the photo that illustrates the second link. Of course, to get back on topic, the real thrill for a true tory would come from the dressing up as a washerwoman part. Me, I'd be much happier with a bestseller adapted for the stage than with a political career. Of course, I have neither.

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