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September 17, 2009



How likely do the panel think that story is to be true? I'll go for "somewhat less than 1%".

chris y

“What,” I asked “did he say?”

"He just sat there crooning like a bilious pigeon."

Chris Williams

Untrue almost certainly, but I'd still pay to see (and better yet, hear) Vidal tell it.

Chris Williams

That whacky spirograph graphic just appeared next to my post, too. Has Jamie got the interior decorators in? But turquoise is so '05, darlings.


I think Vidal heard the story from Astor but his quotes from her are made up ( no one actually says "and so never" in speech). I think it's plausible that an encounter of that kind took place.

"That whacky spirograph graphic just appeared next to my post"

Typepad are dicking around with an exciting new format, much to the inconvenience of their customers.

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