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September 20, 2009



My point is actually that the new emerging ideologies, so far, don't seem that bad...except for the one we've ended up with. Like you, I think there's a neo-authoritarian bloc, which I've designated as the Modern Thinkers in memory of Silvio Berlusconi (yeah, I know he's not dead yet, but one day he will be).

Regarding China, it certainly looks a lot like Modern Thinking at the moment, but I can imagine it developing into a sort of business-minded, mildly conservative society with more real participation - I suspect that the Party would consider that to be an ideal outcome. Of course, there are some really awful possible failure modes, and if it consolidates as a Berlusconoid media state, we're all fucked because they aren't very good at delivering anything concrete.

However, it's telling that the CCP is run by engineers, who tend to be good at delivering anything concrete that's actually made of concrete :-)

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