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September 29, 2009


Richard J

And also the daughter of polio-stricken but still funny Michael Flanders, of course.

Richard J

God, that's dreadfully ambiguous. I meant that he's still funny today (unlike most 40s/50s humour), not that polio affected his funniness.


Does anyone here know anything about semantic web things? I'm experimenting with SPARQL queries against DBpedia and it's like banging my head on a wall.


Where did I have the discussion - was it in CT comments? - where somebody said they used to play the game of "spot the producer's surname" when listening to Radio 4?

Richard J

It may have been me, I have to admit, ripping off shamelessly a friend of mine.

Splintered Sunrise

Steph's sister Laura Flanders is a radio journalist in the States, and a pretty good one.

There was a lovely example a couple of years back when Sinn Fein needed to co-opt a new member onto Belfast City Council. The young man in question was Conor Maskey, who was proposed by Alex Maskey and seconded by Paul Maskey. In Irish politics, this sort of thing isn't at all unusual.

On an entirely fictional level, I used to wind up young and gormless SWP members by telling them Chris Harman was Harriet Harman's brother. It's amazing what some people will swallow.


Also see "Mort and Dimitri Mascarenhas".


(Oh, embarrassingly, the producer's surname thing was on this very blog.)

Splintered Sunrise

Well, I never succeeded in convincing my sister that Alec Baldwin was related to Stanley Baldwin. But there is such a thing as plausibility, I suppose.

If memory serves, Stephanomics' programme about her dad was rather good. It wasn't on Radio 4 by any chance?

Igor Belanov

I thought she must be Ned's illegitimate daughter.


Other people who I have to keep reminding myself aren't related: Salma and Friedrich Hayek. (Maybe they are. Maybe she's working on "Christmas With Great-Uncle Fred: a children's introduction to libertarian economics" as we speak.)

Richard J

That sounds like a great almost plausible lie, mind. Like the plural of 'moose' being 'moosen'.

Chris Brooke

The Salma Hayek vs Friedrich Hayek Scorecard.


Although i am usually wary of 'i've heard' stories, i understand from a sound producer for the BBC that as they look down the line of production staff at work they see the bosses daughter, son, niece nephew and that if you are not oxbridge you are looked down on. Mind you that person does have issues of persecution. Mind you i strongly suspect if you scratch the surface the BBC stinks due to the amount of money and protected jobs. If i applied for a job i'd like to think going to an interview i had the same chance as everyone and would be very cynical if someones offspring was given the job. I am certain it happens an enormous amount in the BBC.

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