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September 19, 2009


Clay Barham

THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS and the loss of our Libertarian Roots is the subject of a new book by Clay Barham on the history of the Democratic Party. America’s first major political Party evolved drastically over the past 200 years—from a libertarian party to a Rousseau to Marx-leaning liberal, left-wing party. The Democratic Party’s original ideals encouraged a free market, individual freedom, business interests, opposing overseas expansion, and supporting state’s rights and personal sovereignty. What happened? When and how did their policies begin to change? Why did a strongly patriotic party morph into one that blends communism, mercantilism and socialism? Whether you are Democrat or Republican, this narration is a study of history, fact, and the leadership that altered the Democratic Party. It shows that present day Democratic values do not reflect the true principles on which American society rests. www.claysamerica.com.


Curiously the word "slavery" appears to be missing from that advert.

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