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September 10, 2009



Yes, known locally as Suicide Bridge. Presumably the spectacular view over London is meant to remind them of their failure in the Big Smoke, or something. I've always wondered how many more would jump if it wasn't for all the spiky and twirly Victorian wrought iron flourishes on the balustrade.


When did this "Big Smoke" term become current? I've heard it a lot in recent years but when I was young it was just "the Smoke".

I don't know if they still do this, but the Oxford Mail used to have a little black box they would print the figure of how many people had died on the county's roads that year. By December it would have crept into the nineties and I would claim, probably unreasonably, that they were manifestly keen to hit three figures before the year was out. But I never noticed if they did.

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