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September 24, 2009


Richard J

Noted in comments:-

The Vietnamese women are being sold off to SIngapore to marry the the unmarketable men that Singaporean women have rejected.

Also noted by a friend currently expatriated in Singapore, with particular reference to the Four Floors.


99% of these "Vietnamese" who infests blogs and comment pages to post anti-Chinese trollbait are actually Vietkhieu (overseas Vietnamese). Most aren't in favour of the Hanoi gov't either. Actual Vietnamese from Vietnam have a far better "balanced" attitude to China than Western media would indicate.

The problem I have with Viets and Vietkhieus in particular is the extent in which anti-Chineseness is a core part of their cultural identity. This is from a culture that who's surnames are of entirely Chinese origin. Tran=Chan, Ngyuen=Yuan etc. Then there is their language which was originally written entirely in Chinese script until the French changed it. Incidentally, the French were also enthusiastic supporters of the Trung sisters and other legendary figures of resistance to central gov't (ie Chinese rule). Any guesses what the French were trying to achieve here? The truth is that the much mythologised Vietnamese resistance to Chinese rule were no more unique than any other peasant rebellion that fills Chinese history books.

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