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October 09, 2009



Typically I thought it was traditional for the committee to wait under *after* you've bombed a third world country into the stone age before awarding this prize? The Norwegians seem to have some very strong opinions about the future direction of Afghanistan (not necessarily mistaken ones, but they've certainly made their views clear about COIN).


I think the committee members are now obsessively reloading Michelle Malkin, LGF, etc, waiting to enjoy the freakout they so carefully planned.

Mind you, Obama is now officially the guy in the Fast Show who says "...which was nice". "Yes, so I beat the Republicans out of sight, and then I got the Nobel Peace Prize...which was nice."

Nick L

How embarassing. Future historians will use this episode to add amusing colour to their discussion of the overinflated hopes Europe had about Obama.


Patrick Nice. The shame - I had to google a Fast Show catchphrase.


Can we nominate Gordon Brown for a Nobel Economic Prize while we are at it?

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