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October 09, 2009


Richard J

And then the tale hits a market where, according to some estimates, the practice of selective abortion may mean that 30 million Chinese men won't be able to find partners.

Serious question - is there evidence of a mail order bride industry starting up in China? ISTR that there's an internal industry matching up women in poor rural areas with men on the coast, but it would be interesting if this is starting to go cross-border.


What surprises me is how the phrase "Chako Paul City" is being reprinted without question, when it's clearly (clear to me, anyway) a machine translation error for 沙科保 - and the 保 is a typo in the Chinese for 堡.
Or to put it another way, they've taken the sinicised name "Shackeborg" (or something along those lines) and tried to put it back through Google Translate to find the Swedish original.

Apparently there's a Danish royal palace by roughly that name, but there don't seem to be hordes of Amazons about the place.

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