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October 11, 2009



It's a horrible and modern story. Apparently he used to run a successful minicab business in Kentish Town before he went crazy and moved to Poland to start an airline.

(Entrepreneurship is a sort of delusion.)

jalal aminazam

Akmal Shaikh indeed ran a minicab firm in kentish town which was called TEKSI and is now called CONCORDE
He was prosecuted for sexual harrasement in the past and ran what by many regards was an illegal business.
However, he was granted a licence by the PCO (public carriage office) a part of TFL and the business is still running run by members of his family.
How the PCO gives people like this a licence is unbelieveable. Remember the convicted murderer recentl granted a licence?


Thanks for the local information; I'll bear it in mind.

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