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December 16, 2009



Steady - these are Pukka Pies we're talking about here. (Recently spotted on sale in a chippie in Manchester, remarkably enough. Well, I thought it was remarkable - I'd seen them all the way down the East coast, from Hull to Cambridge, but never anywhere West of Reading. Probably means the company's been taken over by Starbucks or Disney or somebody. It'll be Seabrook's next. Pah. Modern life is rubbish.)


Previous comment refers to the first story, obviously. As to the second, mu - you've certainly described what's technically called a meat pie (something I'd never set eyes on before I came up here), but there's not much runnier than the filling in a meat and potato pie (something else that's unknown down south). I think the big difference is that Northern chippies grew out of bakeries (hence big range of pies and not much else) where in the South they grew out of fishmongers' - my father remembered seeing the sign "Wet, Dry and Fried". Hence, of course, a huge range of fish and not much else.

In Scotland, on the other hand, the pies are deep fried. (No, they really are. Look up bridies if you don't believe me.)

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