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December 08, 2009


Splintered Sunrise

It can't be as funny as Battle Beneath The Earth.


I suppose it had to be the Chinese; if it was the Iranians, too many in the US would think it was a documentary of life under Obama.


The video game Modern Warfare 2 has the Russians - albeit a Russia recently overrun by "ultranationalists" - invading the east and west coasts of the US, managing it by blinding the American satellite network. The Russians parachute in, somehow bringing with them heavy artillery and armour. One level is called "Wolverines!" and another sees the player liberating the White House, which gives you an idea of how nutty the plot is.

If that seems an odd thing to raise, I'll add that MW2 took about seven times more cash in its opening weekend than Red Dawn ever did, and is probably only a little less crazy.

PS - The wingnutty movie I want to see remade is Red Scorpion, scripted and produced by Jack Abramoff with funding allegedly provided by the South African government. I've heard all kinds of weird and wacky stuff about the things that went on behind the scenes, and if I ever bump into Paul Staines, I'll be sure to ask him how much of it is true.


"Be disturbed at not understanding"
Perfect. For the target audience, just perfect.


Richard J

FR> Yes, setting aside the hideously misjudged tone of that level, the plot of MW2 doesn't even come anywhere near the city limits of Plausibility, TX.

Dan Hardie

I'm tempted to Google to find out whether there really is a city of Plausibility, TX. Does that mean I should be living in Gullibility, IL?

Chris Williams

Gullibility, IL, has been re-named recently. HTH.

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