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January 23, 2010



Have we done "the peanut-seller that lost Stoke the FA Cup semi-final" on here?


Well you're 1-0 up as I write.
They were interviewing David Seaman on Talksport earlier when someone mentioned that Wenger might not be too unhappy to lose given that Arsenal are still in the title race and the champions league, then someone said it's terrible when people demean the FA Cup, then the original commenter (possibly Alvin Martin) said of course he wasn't demeaning the FA Cup. A reminder of how limited the range of views capable of being entertained is.

Martin Wisse

Well, the ritual beating up seems to have gone the other way this time, so congratulations.


Hey, that was pretty good. We very rarely score three goals or beat anyone by two. Even Arsenal reserves...


Re Alvin Martin, it's possible it's another manifestation of the syndrome in professional sport whereby if anybody is seen to have criticised anybody, they immediately have to reassure everybody that they didn't criticise anybody. It's not, to put it mildly, a very democratic world.


Except of course when someone who is not Alex Ferguson is deemed to have stepped beyond the bounds, when criticism becomes mandatory.

There did seem to be a fairly blatant handball in the Stoke area at 1-1, but c'est la vie.


It's A Good Life

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