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January 29, 2010


Chris Williams

"Through early detection and punishment as well as through the functioning of mechanisms to work with the masses, 107 mass incidents were dissolved or stopped."

In Habsburg Italy, the secret police didn't pay much attention to Italian nationalists. They paid a lot of attention to the Habsburg government, though, on the basis that if it was seen to be screwing up, this might lead to delegitimisation and thus disorder. I wonder if, among its other roles, the DSD might be nipping some MSGs in the bud by getting the underlying problem (or proto-prblem) sorted out.


Very probably, I'd guess. Malfeasance in the Communist Party is handled through the Central Discipline Inspection Commission. That's basically a reactive body. Some racket gets blown up, CDIC come to town and everyone knows that means someone's going to be shot.

Now amongst other things, the CP regard MGIs as management failures. Having one go off on your patch means, for officials, the end of any chance of promotion at the very least. It woiuld make sense for those likely to be held responsible to use the DSD to monitor potential flashpoints from within local government.

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