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February 06, 2010


Splintered Sunrise

Everybody needs a USP, but sometimes it doesn't seem worth the while. Write an intelligent critique of Ulster Unionism and nobody is interested. Stick up a picture of saucy schoolgirls and the stats counter bursts into flames.

I suppose it matters to the people who care about that sort of thing. If I want to know what weird and wacky things are happening in China, I know where to go.


just to note that I always find this feature to be reliably fascinating and the only reason I don't comment on it every week is that I can't think of anything to say. it's quality of readership that counts.

Nick L

This feature's always worth a read. The strange and quirky stories give an insight into China as a complex, varied and interesting place - rather than the 2D cut-out presented in the mainstream press.

Barry Freed

What d2 and nick l said.


Yes, it's outstanding - keep it up.

Richard J

What everybody else said.


I echo the echos.


* echoes

(Another peculiarity of blogging - correcting typos so that total strangers don't think you're an idiot.)


Cheers everyone. I wasn't thinking of stopping. It just struck me as curious that there was no-one else in Britain with the same level of amateur interest. I suppose what's on my mind is making it all-China, as I occasionally think of doing.


Perhaps I should do an Indosphere roundup. But then, I've already got far too many spare time projects for my actual spare time.

Chris Williams

Don't make it all China - that wouldn't be so funny.

What the world actually needs is a Chinese equivalent of 'The Exile', but I can can see some problems with that almost immediately.

Dan Hardie

I'm another one who never comments on the Sinosphere roundups because I simply don't know enough to make an even vaguely informed remark. And I'd cheerfully fork out some money for a book by you on any Chinese subject- MGIs, perhaps? Although finding a publisher with the brains to take you on would be hard, I fear.


I remember I commented on a couple of Urümqi stories that you ran here, a week or so before it all kicked off.

I think that was very prescient of me.


I also now feel vaguely guilty for not commenting on the Sinosphere posts. I read them, honest. I'll start commenting immediately.

Isn't it amazing that half the total US chicken exports to China by weight is made up of feet? Classic arbitrage, I suppose.

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