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February 05, 2010



But his ideas are often so concentrated that they need to be diluted.

Really? Is that like homeopathic dilution?

Richard J

I think it's on the same principle that seaside resorts used to pump raw sewage straight into the sea.


ah yes, dilution is the solution to pollution.

In the Speccy's sidebar: "Is it really racist to want an English speaking cab driver? By ROD LIDDLE"

You could mix that into a volume of water containing as many hydrogen atoms as the sun and it wouldn't be enough.

Richard J

Ah, there's only two people in the world I'll happily use the most offensive insult about, and Rod Liddle's one of them.

(The other is, of course, Piers Morgan. Jeremy Clarkson gets a pass for some reason.)


Doesn't Liddle just strike you as somebody who needs to grow up - somebody who's never got beyond the emotional stage where you think the most important thing is to say outrageous things to wind other people up?

(I've touched on that theme here before, but it tends to recur because there are really quite a lot of men like that about on the media Right.)

Actually I say "needs to", but of course he doesn't need to, which is why he doesn't. Which is another theme, that lots of men who make a lot of money never really grow up at all, because they never have to learn that saying what you want and expecting to get what you want right now isn't really the sign of a mature human being.


What struck me about him more is that he's someone who's come to terms with himself, who doesn't need to pretend anymore and to whom it has occured that he can profit by his bigotry in the current media/political environment.

His background's SWP then Labour then onwards rightwards (though I saw something recently where he hinted that he was a Christian socialis, so its not really a case of fixed immaturity through success at a young age. It's more a sort of second childhood: now he can say all those things. A bit like the aged Somerset Maugham interrupting a dinner party to take a dump behind the settee, and about as repellant to witness.

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