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May 12, 2010



Major difference is the accent on the men, surely. No blacks or ex-postmen round here either.


Eric Pickles would probably fancy being the Sidney Greenstreet of the Tory party (even he ends up being either a Sontaran or Jabba the Hutt).


Did I misunderstand? I thought you voted Labour.


For councillor (he won by the way). Lib Dem nationally.

john b

The construction of the ID database being impossible (for "within the political and economic parameters required" values of impossible), I'm not particularly impressed at that magnificent concession to liberty - especially as the Tories opposed the scheme without LD intervention.

Otherwise, the LDs have won a giant bag of nothing and killed their party. w00t.


A sighting of Blond! On Newsnight last night, talking about the "Great Society" and clearly wounded by press comments quoting a senior Tory saying "we might have won if we didn't have to waste our time trying to explain that total shit".


I don't suppose there's any chance that's a verbatim quote?


Not verbatim but nearly

"I do not buy the argument that we have done well by adding more than 90 seats. We were starting from such a low base. A muppet could have put 4% on Michael Howard's share of the vote. We have all been so disciplined. They have been all over the place on the economy. We kept quiet because they said we know how to win.

They said the California-isation of the party and the modernisation of the party is the way to win. It's all complete crap. What wins is being Conservative. It should not have been the Big Society. It should be about choice. We picked up some good wins after talking about Europe and immigration in the last few days."

I feel that Philip Blond may be buying his own drinks this conference season.



"The 'big society' message favoured by Tory head of strategy Steve Hilton was unforgivably never poll-tested and either failed to cut through with most voters and even frightened some,"

Taxi for Blond!

I see that Tim is a "leading conservative thinker" these days, egads. I remember him as being a nice guy when we were civil servants together.


Blond really muffed it for them. A lot of big law firms, consultancies etc like their people to go off and do a bit of pro-bono charity work for a day or so a month. All Blond needed to do was put that in a more general context via some whizzy bit of instant snack thought and instead he comes up with this big wodge of half baked Chestertonian cack. He's going to be on the street soon with a tin cup and a sign round his neck: "will provide rhetorical justifications for food."


"A muppet could have put 4% on Michael Howard's share of the vote. ...We picked up some good wins after talking about Europe and immigration in the last few days."

Michael Howard's 2005 campaign was only about Europe and immigration, so I'm not sure just repeating that would obviously increase the 2005 vote.


yes, the person in the interview doesn't give many indications of being a clear thinker. But given that he was running against Brown rather than Blair and in a recession rather than a boom, I would have thought that at least a couple of per cent gain on a recycled campaign would have been doable.

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