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May 27, 2010


Chris Williams

I met Wilsonn once, at a conference, and liked him.

Trouble is, at another conference (British Criminology Society, Leeds) I also met and chatted to another seemingly-nice guy, who was researching a topic that many of my colleagues are interested in: the suspicion that the low murder rate in the nineteenth century was due to a lot of murders not being recorded as such. I think that we talked about the various ways that this might have been the case, largely to do with the deaths of infants and children. I've not been in contact with him since.

Griffiths. Right now I am feeling rather odd.


Chris Williams: I'm sure you've already read Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's "Mother Nature", but if not it would probably be relevant to this topic.

That must have been, in retrospect, rather a disturbing encounter. My sympathy.


Criminologist serial killer. That should be a really bad novel!


Well given the Police's history of fitting up weirdos, he may not be guilty I guess.

I went to school with the son of a man who I'm fairly sure was responsible for internal security under the Shah. I liked his dad, seemed like a nice guy.

Chris Williams

ajay, I've outsourced all my 'Which bits of evolutionary psychology make sense and what do I need to know about these' questions to my friend and co-worker John Carter Wood who runs the blog 'Obscene Desserts' (and is not, to the best of my knowledge, a serial killer - although he did recently become German and which is a bit odd in itself. And he collects guns, which he didn't use to when he was American).

This is the problem - a worryingly large number of my friends are people who professionally obsess about murder. Now that about 1% of the 'professional obsessers about murder' crowd has been charged with murder - and I think that his performance in court just now shows that if he's been fitted up, he has been fitted up remarkably quickly, or else he has in any case some personality quirks which go rather beyond Bulsama - I can't help thinking that this might change the life of the other 99%.

Perhaps this needs to be framed as a 'thesis crisis' moment.


"crossbow cannibal" indeed. His interest in the 19th century murder detection rate might have been part of an assessment that those days had returned and that his chances of getting away with it were therefore good, which would tend to prove Wilson's thesis.

Chris, if you want to do a guest post about this after it's no longer sub judice, drop me a line.


His performance in court would equally show that he was mentally ill.


Or that he saw a copy of yesterday's Sun somewhere and was taking the piss in open court at how he's already been described.


Going by today's hed, it's telling to what extent he's a symbiont of the Sun.


That's true Septic. It would kind of it his character.

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