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May 06, 2010



Me, I'm proposing to have an early night, not turn on the telly tomorrow morning and hopefully not find out what's happened until a long way into tomorrow. (Not as easy as you'd imagine, even in Menorca, since Spanish TV takes about a million times as much interest in the British election as British TV does in Spanish elections, and you'll never find a bar without a telly on.)


I'm quite excited as Cameron's already asked me to join his government. A bit presumptuous, and not quite as glamorous as when the PM used to 'phone you up on the day after the election, but it's there in black and white (well blue and green) and I'm thinking of accepting. Nothing below Cabinet level of course.

He's also sent me a contract promising certain things which he has signed. If I sign it and return it, and vote Tory, could I legally hold him to them?


He's asked me to join his government too. And I can have my own school. I asked a Tory canvasser whether that meant I could make all the kids build a life size model of Angkor Wat out of matchsticks. And you know what? he wouldn't give a a straight answer.

Richard J

Angkor Wat is perhaps a bit ambitious to start with. Chichen Itza might be an easier place to start with, if you favour a lost jungle city recreation-based education.

Chris Williams

And who doesn't? If this comments thread threatens to be silly enough, I might even uncork the Laphroig and to hell with tomorrow's seminar.

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