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May 04, 2010



And (from the NHS site) delusions of grandeur and bouts of euphoria.

It's Friday we need to worry about.


I'm trying to work out how the Charlie might be actually gotten into DC's nose, given the horrendous risk of blackmail.

DC gets it from George, who gets it from someone in his close circle, who gets it from someone else, and so on, where each exchange is private and known only to the two parties present?


Especially worrying as he is apparently threatening to ignore the "convention" on transition in an inconclusive election - presumably in favour of "try to just bluster and bullshit my way into No.10. we don't need no stinkin' cabinet secretary!"

Richard J

"Would you be so kind as to say 'Good Morning' to my little chum?"

Richard J

That, is, of course, the final line from the climactic scene to my spec script 'Bumface'.


No, the image you want is the last 20 minutes of "Goodfellas" - Ray Liotta driving manically round town, worrying about his gun deals, his flight connections, the helicopter he thinks is watching him, and his pasta sauce.


"We can't stop here. This is Clegg country."


Ajay - win.

(And what a great movie that was. According to Diego Gambetta, it shares with Donnie Brasco the rare distinction of being a mafia film disliked by mafiosi because it shows them ceaselessly betraying each other, indulging in realistic hypocrisy, and the protagonist turns state's evidence.)


Perhaps he's been receiving help from the friends of the president of the World Chess Federation.


MP Andre Lebedev is not just asking whether Mr Ilyumzhinov is fit to govern.
He is also concerned that, if he was abducted, he may have revealed details about his job and state secrets.

Ah, unchanging Russia. He's probably also worried that they might have been Jewish aliens.


Not entirely crazy - perhaps he really was abducted, just not by aliens. (I can't find it at the moment, but I've read a first-person account of an alien abduction experience written by a leading member of the US Skeptics. (Boy, was his face red.) He subsequently worked out what had really happened - at the time he was half-dead from exhaustion at the end of a triathlon, and the UFO was an ambulance.) Or perhaps Ilyumzhinov was abducted by people pretending to be aliens - it could happen... As contingency planning goes, this is all well within the first bottle of vodka.


Or perhaps Ilyumzhinov was abducted by people pretending to be aliens - it could happen

It did - at least in the X-Files, as far as I recall. It opened with a classic "alien autopsy" discovering that the alien a) was still alive and b) had a zip down his front. He turned out to be a USAF bloke in an alien suit and a state of confusion; his job was to go around faking alien abductions of people who might have seen secret USAF aircraft under flight test, in order to discredit them, but he had had rather a bad night, since he had himself been really abducted by real aliens.
I rather enjoyed that episode. Had elements of the GK Chesterton about it.


Larissa Yudina was presumably abducted by aliens too...

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