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June 03, 2010



The Israelis sent in the Masada unit who are used to quell prison riots, and deal with Palestinian activists. So this may well just have been business as usual for them. Certainly the idea that they were unable to deal with this kind of activity is ludicrous.


I was thinking of that table the Met Police always display after there's been a riot or a drugs raid or something. I'm sure I can't be alone in occasionally suspecting that it's actually always the same table with the same stuff, and they just move the stuff around a bit each time they display it....


As far as the raid's concerned, surely:

(a) Israel's well aware that it's got no real friends but one, and has operated on this principle for a very long time? So it's not particularly concerned about being further isolated.

(b)Priority A for Israel is always that it does not brook challenges to its authority? Demosntrating that if you try and defy its blockade, it will attack you, is much more important than the PR effect of this on people who are not actually trying to challenge its authority.

Richard J

With thanks to Adam Bienkov's Twitter account, there turns out to be something fishy about the EXIF details on the photos the Israelis have put up...


(Not a smoking gun, depending on how carefully they bothered to set up the camera that took the pics, but revealing of a certain lack of care, more than anything else.)


Yeah, that was in the second link, the one to Ibn Kafka's place.

Richard J



Justin: Losing Turkey is a huge blow, though Israeli elite may be too stupid to realise quite how big a blow. And not only has Turkey aligned itself with their enemies, but those enemies have become stronger in the region, thanks in part to Israel. Meanwhile their temper trantrum with Goldstone has led to the S. Africans leaking everything they had on Israeli nukes.


...and it has just turned out they managed to kill an American.


Dual nationality though, so it won't count for much.

Mind you - Rachel Corrie?

Richard J

Still on the bright side, this whole thing has to be good for fighting anti-semitism. After the last few days, it's difficult to detect signs of arch, secretive and Machievellian manipulators behind it all.


...and it has just turned out they managed to kill an American.

Yeah, they do that from time to time. And?


Whoa, suspect EXIF tags you say?

Have we slipped into an Alice in Wonderland version of summer 2006, or *what*?


Maybe you've turned forty. After that point the difference between satire and reality is almost always impossible to make out.

Re: Turkey, it may very well be a mistake, but it does bear pointing out that this didn't take them by surprise - they knew what was happening had plenty of time to think about it and hence plenty of time to work out what they were going to do, where they were going to do it and what the possible consequences were.

Of course as of about March 2003 the possibility that states can act very stupidly even with their eyes open should perhaps surprise less than it did before, but even so....

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