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June 13, 2010


Richard J

That said, just about every modern warfare based game has had a gleefully stupid geopolitical setup, exemplified by Modern Warfare 2 having the Russians launch an airborne invasion of the Eastern seaboard, elementary consideration of the required logistics chain be damned.

(The underrated Frontlines: Fuel of War stands out for having a depressingly plausible dystopian future involving scrabbling around for the last few traces of oil.)

Matt L

ahem,well sure, thats plausible... cough... cough... just like Red Dawn...

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I really think that the war is already started but it is only a silent war and by this one, we will never know which one is winning right now!


This game is basically to brainwash innocent people in US that North Korea is the enemy of people of US.

The true devils are within.

The ship was not sunk by North Korea.

The private investigator, Russia all confirmed that the over-rusted torpedo can not be the torpedo that sunk the ship.

Its all lie and brainwashing folks.!

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