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July 08, 2010



It's moved people in mysterious ways?
Or Christians are killers?


I hate the way they take a single (admittedly spectacular) incident and write about it in the continuous present, as if it's the group's standard MO - like saying that Michael Heseltine had a fondness for mace-swinging or that Tony Blair was always going on about the hand of history. This isn't a case for the defence ("but you throw one severed- OK then, five, you throw five severed heads onto one dance floor..."), I just think it's bad copy.


Yeah, it's all kind of breathless. That's why the quote struck me as funny.


True. And they say they're fond of doing it. For all we know they may have done it only with the utmost forbearance, like the Royal Navy shelling Canton.


Well I doubt they enjoyed throwing those heads onto the dance floor. Severed heards tend to smell bad and the mess gets everywhere. Plus its really hard to get the smell out of your hands [1]. But if you're a professional you have to do what you gotta do.

[1] Allegedly.

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