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July 18, 2010



There's this about Colney Hatch being turned into flats, but it's behind a paywall. Still, if you can't get in, it's better than them not being able to get out.

Richard J

High Royds has recently become the Northern equivalent of Lower Earley. The marketing seems to make very little reference to its historic past.


I recently learned that the Imperial War Museum building in south London used to be Bedlam Hospital.


What is "the Northern equivalent of Lower Earley"? I haven't been in Reading for many years but what I remember was that

- it was all gradually sliding down the slope into the River Loddon

- it was the kind of suburb that many aspired to but that I really, really would not like to live in.


Hellingly is amazing, vast complex and some awesome architecture. Apparently you don't even have to sneak in anymore...

Richard J

"Massive middle-class exurb created ab initio on the edge of a smallish commuter village near a large town."

Richard J

but that I really, really would not like to live in.

From first hand-experience, it's a good place to live as a small child, but I was lucky enough to move before adolescence hit. No desire to ever go back, mind.


More on one of the London Green Belt mental hospitals here, from personal experience. More of the same may be coming - writing that post has brought back approximately two novels' worth of memories. Not particularly good ones, though, so I may just shove the lid back on.

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