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July 19, 2010



Glover - he's a towering intellect, isn't he?


I believe he is a commentator of bottom.

Chris Williams

As in, his arse is so large that a steel cutout of him, pivoted atop a steeple, is sure to point unerringly in the direction from which the wind's blowing. How convenient.


I thought he was an actor.


That's not a train; it's a handcart.


I knew JG a bit at university; he was a nice guy, bright, totally of the London intelligentsia of that moment (at the time: Italian peasant food, super-long distance holidays starting to become a bit passe), and oddly enthusiastic about empty political projects that he thought were realistic. Thus he evinced a very strong interest in the Newification of Labour and had dinner parties with iirc Margaret Hodge about how exciting it all was. I think the move to excitement about this particular cross-party project is wholly in character. He will probably be a leading indicator of its failure, too, eventually.

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