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August 31, 2010



It's quite similar to what the chap did in Our Mutual Friend, though if I recall, he was basically robbing the bodies of anything they had on them, rather than retrieving them for relatives. As with your example, what strikes one is that there must have been a lot of bodies floating down the river for the trade to pay its way.

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Chris Williams

There was a German copper on Sylt (where the North Sea gyre deposits victims of drowning in, inter alia, the English east coast) who did/does this as a sideline for nothing. A few years ago he was able to close a case that I knew about, thus ending a lot of grief and uncertainty on the part of the victim's relatives. Top bloke.


I think "jobs4cardiff" is really not getting the best value out of its purchase of spambot services in this case.


Chris: I think I see a gloomy North European detective novel waiting to happen there...

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