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September 14, 2010



For fifty big ones I should hope your hard copy of the ResPublica Annual Report comes with a beautifully restored 3rd Reich swizzle stick.

It's insane - like someone who'd been reading about the newsletter subscription racket and the Co$ membership model, then fallen asleep and had an awful dream. But there may be method in't. If you're running a newsletter it really doesn't matter that you've only persuaded 100 people to pay £900 a year, because 100 £900s will do very nicely thankyou. Similarly, they don't actually need lots of people to take the idea of becoming a Founder seriously; they only need a couple of annual £50k standing orders and they're quids in.


Oh yes, except that I think they need more than ninety to 100 grand pa if they're going to maintain the setup, so I think the actual scam target are people targeted for higher level membership than that: they need more money to fund getting to the real money, and to the motherlode of wingnut welfare in the US. Maybe half a million?

I suppose there's an argument that every bit of cash that goes down this dead end doesn't go to the "Taxpayer's Alliance", but they're blatantly promising to make their funders actually, tangibly richer, so their money's locked in. Blond's just grubbing around in whatever surplus enthusiasm exists. He's the definition of insult to injury.

Nike Shox Rivalry

Hua hua his career to listen to the people, his value must be hair immaterial. The man is often hard to talk, they showed great undertakings of their great, but in the planning of the major cause, they are silent.


I agree with Nike.

Chris Williams

Hmm . . . Nike's intervention has left me disconcerted. If the spambots ever do develop an (initially rudimentary) intelligence, I've always thought that it would look a bit like this to start with. "The man is often hard to talk", indeed.


Loebner Prize committee around me, please! We'll know when they're really intelligent because they'll start their own wanktank. If you think about it, it shouldn't be impossible to automate the process of wanktank formation and deployment. You could fill up the "Publications" section with randomly retrieved powerpoint presentations from the www - a bit like PowerPoint Karaoke.

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