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September 09, 2010


Fellow Traveller

Judge Fang will go Confucius on his ass.


Actually even without that I'd be very wary of it. There don't seem to be any serious security guys involved.

My guess is that its secret as there are some servers it relies upon that they're trying to keep obscure (so that it doesn't get blocked).


This just looks like a disaster waiting to happen. One of the really bad signs is that there isn't even any hint as to what general approach is used, let alone published code.

Also, what's the point? There are good open source solutions for a lot of this stuff - TOR, Hamachi (even if the squatting in the 1/8 netblock is lame), OpenVPN, even just SSH. Perhaps the point is to package the software and some hints about which peers outside Iran to use in an easy wrapper. In which case, why not say so?

Further, this whole secret distribution thing sounds really daft. The whole point of most modern crypto technology is that you can post up the code everywhere and stick your public key on the walls and it works. This avoids having to to do anything obviously weird and suspicious.

And, of course, it shouldn't be dependent on how this particular surveillance box supposedly works. It's like Chuckleheads Do GCHQ.


Update from Morozov:

Heap's response to the original article is sort of worth reading, if only to underline their amateurishness.

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