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September 29, 2010



I'm scoring Not-David's election as a win. David Miliband was completely identified with the war-on-terror agenda and Iraq, and he was rejected. Better yet, clearly and effectively rejected by the Left and by the working class - the peuple de gauche. Dustbin of history, how are you.


Also, regardless of union barons etc., a lot of the people (I'm looking at you, Hundal) pulled into finally joining Labour by the end of their government seem far more inclined to support Ed than David. No one joins Labour to reanimate Blairism, I suspect, they go and fellate the Coalition.

[having said which, listening to EdM's speech was an exercise in 'hey, stop nicking things off the 2005-2010 left-of-centre UK blogosphere, we didn't expect anyone was *listening*'. The first stage in detoxification is to eliminate the sources of toxin]


I thought it was great, actually: the right guy won, and the wrong guys whining about it and whining about it is making the good feeling last and last.


"the right guy won"

(1) Diane Abbott is technically not a guy, and

(2) she didn't win.



Didn't David win more MPs and constituencies? Not sure how I'd score that. Great he won, but not so sure about the manner of it.

Diane Abbott pissed what little credibility she still had up a wall as far as I'm concerned.

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