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September 02, 2010



I don't suppose Alistair wrote that bit?


Having done pretty much the same to Britain as he did to Cherie, no wonder he now looks so permanently shagged out.

I can't help feeling Sarah Palin is a female equivalent.

Where do they dig these people up? An American Werewolf in London.


Incidentally, has anyone gone through this book and written down the starting word of each chapter yet?

If it turns out to read "UP YOURS GORDON YOU KNOW YOU WERE NEVER AS GOOD AS I WAS" then I might actually think slightly more kindly of Mr Tony.

Chris Brooke

Pages 62-67 of Blair's book, surrounding the death of John Smith, is just sex sex sex. Jamie has quoted the highlight, but within a two or three pages either side we have Blair telling Mandelson he loves him, Blair fantasising about "mastering" Gordon Brown by beating him in a leadership election, this bit about Cherie, and then his reminiscences about his first girlfriend and the "incredible outpouring of desire" she inspired in him. The rest of it (well, I'm only on p. 529) isn't like this at all.

Chris Brooke

By the way, Jamie, Blair (p. 550) reports Prince Philip saying to Joan Walley that Stoke is a "ghastly place".


And, dear gods, the prose, the prose...


Prince Philip is not altogether wrong, though obviously he's the last person you want to hear it from.

Yeah, the prose makes me think that he really didn't have a ghostwriter. i don;t think any self-respecting artisan wordsmith would have let that through.

Chris Brooke

Yes - the more I read, the more I think this is real Blair, not ghosted Blair.


This is a case where the phrase "reading it so you don't have to" really does apply.

Richard J

I have to admit that Chris's tweeting pushed me over the edge into buying the damn thing. He's making it sound like the most fascinating thing in how it reveals Tony Blair's hidden shallows.


>And, dear gods, the prose, the prose...

Pure Jeffrey Archer.


Chris's tweeting pushed me over the edge into buying the damn thing.

Chris' tweeting pushed me over the edge into signing up for Twitter. I swore I'd never (etc etc etc)


His shallows weren't awfully well hidden though, were they. Now his intellectual insecurity is interesting. Especially given that Gordon Brown is an intellectual powerhouse in comparison.

Chris Williams

Remember also, that by 1.30pm on the day that Smith died, the Blairite line* was "It's got to be Blair - Brown can't do it because he's gay." Sex sex sex, all the way.

*As purveyed by a little squit called Liam Gureki.

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