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October 02, 2010



I want a control group. What did all the other eager young interns say to this frankly rather sinister question? I would have thought the overlap between "my hate is pure" and "I am willing to turn up for work at a leftish magazine with no prospect of getting paid" was rather small, as it goes.


I think that story tells you rather more about Cockburn than it does Ed. At the time he asked that question he'd have been a grown man in, what, his 40s, his 50s?

belle le triste

To hate specific people would surely be "impure" hate anyway.


I strongly suspect Cockburn of making that story up.

Talking of interns past (and things allegedly made up) did people see Keith Vaz's claim to have dismissed Andrew Gilligan as an intern because of false references?

Madam Miaow

Arf! My hate is not pure but a detox will sort that out.

Chris Williams

If only the Gilligan story had come from someone I trust even a smidge more than Vaz. Like, slightly.


I know that Vaz used to have a parliamentary worker who was very keen indeed on North Korea. Not Gilligan, though.


If only the EM story had come from someone who hadn't helped retail Kerry/Fonda...


Wouldn't the normal response be "Eh?"


Reactionary media

I suppose Counterpunch is overall somewhat less reactionary than the Sun. Reasonable people can differ.


I was really referring to British media, and linking to better practice from across the pond.


Right, I got that, I was being a bit sullenly snarky.

Are you saying you agree with me that Counterpunch is reactionary? You could think that, and still think Cockburn's a charming old rogue or something. But I can't really think of a more charmless person.


I don't think Counterpunch is reactionary, aside from the climate change stuff. I'd call it a straight down the line sixties style radical bulletin. I appreciate its commitment to lack of respectability though it publishes a lot of stuff I just cant be arsed with. Cockburn I've always liked as a writer, in fact I'd say he's an influence, and The Golden Age Is In Us is one of my favourite books. His delivery as a bomb thrower is wonderfully stylish, which is really why I cited him above.

I have read that he can be a bit much in person, though

Richard J

This post is now, interestingly, the top Google hit for 'My hate is pure'.Which is annoying when trying to figure out why it rings a bell.

belle le triste

It reminds me of The Fall's "Spectre vs Rector": "My hate is crisp! I'll rip your fat flesh!"

Though I doubt that's where Alex C got it.


The only people I've ever heard use it are skater kids and Goths. So you heard it here first, Cockburn is a secret Goth.

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