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November 30, 2010



an extremely cultured and intelligence civil servant.

In typo veritas. Must have been Kim Philby.


Kim loved the ladies, but you'd be ok with any of the other Cambridge spies, I believe.


It's traditional, on mention of the Spectator, for me to note that their longstanding chess correspondent is a serial plagiarist.


Yes, stupid of me. Should have said Guy Burgess.


I can assure you that the largest member of my acquaintance, some 10 and a half inches, belonged to an extremely cultured and intelligence civil servant.

As the most frivolous contributor to these threads, could I note that this sounds like an upstanding civil servant...


Practice makes perfect

Richard J

A very Principled Private Secretary.


EJH: assuming you mean Raymondo (as I don't read the Spectator, save for the odd blogpost by Massie or Hill) don't you have to do that every time the Times is mentioned?


I could, though the difference is that while the Times know he's a plagiarist, the Spectator know he's actually engaged in plagiarism in their pages*. Quite recently. And not responded to complaints about it.

[* which as far as I know he hasn't in the Times, though I'd welcome any correction...]

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