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November 25, 2010



I think you're getting there-ish. Whatever the North does, short of all-out war, the South Koreans and the Japanese have to put up with it. The Americans are in a similar situation at one remove. War would be disastrous. And the end of NK would be pretty bad for the neighbours too. So even the South has a tacit interest in keeping them going.

Very Ostpolitik so far.

The North therefore has three major interlocutors who are fixed quantities. SK, Japan, and the US are all willing to show force as a deterrent but would prefer to buy peace. It has another, China, which like South Korea and Japan stands to get a lot of grief if the regime goes under, but is far less committed than South Korea. Therefore, China is the swing factor. They're involved but nowhere near as much as other Koreans are.

The upshot of this from the NK point of view is that, as you say, the big risk is that China eventually converts NK into the place the cheap labour gets its cheap labour.

They can't attack China - they'd cut off the food and probably retaliate. Attacking US forces in their own right would just get them a lot of trouble. Same for Japan. The South, though, has to put up with them in the end.

So they did something unpredictably vicious in order to show the Chinese they are still worth paying off.


When I first read that I so knew that there is going to be a bunch of hating from antis again...but for real? Just because money is involved you think this has to do with publicity? I think the girls are getting enough publicity as it is with their comeback. turning their good deed into such a joke is really really disrespectful. I ask myself what exactly someone has to do to not get bashing from netizens. poor girls.

Richard J

OK, there's obviously some kind of keyword-scanning on that spambot there, but I'm mystified why it picked this post.

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