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March 04, 2011


Richard J

Harry Crookshank, 50s politician, was rather infamously castrated by a splinter of the Somme, as a past example. And there's enough anecdotes from WW2 to suggest it's a common primeval fear.


Yes, pretty much the first thing wounded soldiers have asked since explosives entered the battlefield (and probably before, but wounds were more specific ...) is "Are my balls ok?" I can think of recorded examples from WW1 to the present, at least.


Hence the decision by the British Army to start issuing kevlar underpants.

No, really. They look slightly like multicam nappies.

Dan Hardie

Jamie, if you want to blog about castration injuries caused by IEDs in Afghanistan, fair enough, but giving your post a jokey title is utterly crass. I've treated several such injuries out here myself- one other was a civilian who lost his cock, both legs and an arm and who bled to death while I was trying to keep him alive. Oddly enough, I don't find the subject terribly amusing.

Thirty seconds' thought should be enough to tell you that putting a pressure dressing on someone's shredded penis while he screams in agony is not a funny experience. You're not a stupid or a callous person but you know where I am and what I'm doing, you knew there was a chance I would read this post, and it wouldn't have killed you to have written another headline.

john b
one other was a civilian who lost his cock, both legs and an arm and who bled to death while I was trying to keep him alive

Dan, without wanting to trivialise or diminish your experience in any way, it clearly wasn't the cock injury that killed your patient above.

As someone who (for medical rather than IED reasons but still) *has* lost a ball and *has* been faced with the possibility of losing both - and in the knowledge that Jamie has been through exactly the same experience - I took this piece in the spirit he clearly intended.


FWIW, I don't think it's very funny either.

Dan Hardie

Cheers, Jamie, I appreciate that. And I ought to add that I once left a comment here, in 2007, making a stupid and nasty 'joke' about your testicular problems, that tried to be deliberately hurtful in a way that your remark wasn't. I didn't apologise at the time and I should have done.

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