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March 04, 2011


Richard J

I like this. In fact, I think niche CCTV should be the future of cable television.

Have you ever looked at the channels in the 900+ region of Sky?


Fashion TV? Shopping Channels?

Richard J

Moderately attractive ladies with not much clothes on taking live (muted) calls from the huddled masses.


Old news, surely. Isn't there some Apple app which allows you to tap into a seemingly infinite variety of streams from CCTV cameras around the world? I don't mean just the 'potentially-interesting-but-mainly-disappointing'-ones (e.g. those focused on zoo panda which spend most of their time hiding) but truly, truly dull ones in office foyers and at crossroads and the like.


Surely given that it's to be on Canadian TV after all, it would actually be moderately more engaging than existing competitor channels?

Ken MacLeod

Is there still a channel that shows nothing but views of Earth from space? Very watchable, especially when one's viewing is herbally enhanced. When I saw it, back in the 90s I think, much of the material was archival, but these days it could more or less be live stream from the ISS.


herbally enhanced

Depends on the precise chemical properties of that enhancement.

Ken MacLeod

Indeed it does. Nutmeg on hot chocolate is a real downer.


If you put as much nutmeg in your hot chocolate as I do in my Starbucks, you wouldn't be much enhanced at all. You need to consume quantities of that stuff.

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