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March 16, 2011



As I understand it, obtaining the precursors *and* doing the synthesis is very hard indeed for LSD.

On the other hand you've got psilocybin and other tryptamines readily available from common organic sources, with limited if any processing required. Plus 2C-B and other phenethylamines, which seem easier to synthesise (organic chemists, correct me if I'm mistaken).

So even if hallucingens come back into fashion, I doubt we'll see an acid revival any time soon.


I was just reading about the heroin shortage (apparently the Chinese are buying up all the opium base, driving up prices and causing downstream dealers to cut it further in order to maintain their margins) and it struck me that we're faced with the 1980s all over again, but without the drugs. No (decent) eckies to go out dancing and ignore it; no smack to miss out the decade and come up in New Labour; that just leaves drink and speed, and they're even trying to put the price of booze up.

I predict a riot.

Richard J

There's always coke and dope, both of which are, I understand, much cheaper in real terms than they were back then.


I hear there are serious quality issues with the first of those options. Since dope has become an industrial rather than an agricultural product, though, we may be faced with a lot of people watching Japanese cartoons and eating too much. Foiled again.


cottage industry, maybe. I mean, how did British Based Vietnamese get the dope farming franchise? I'm thinking some Quakers/chocolate combination of social exclusion and niche opportunity.

Richard J

Truly, they are the Hugenot weavers of our day.


More sowing, I think. Not to mention reaping.

Richard J

More seriously; are they directly from Vietnam, or are they the descendants of the boat people diaspora?


Don't know, frankly, though I get the impression it's a diaspora thing. Britain doesn't take Vietnamese refugees anymore and I've not seen any accounts of people trafficking from there.


Like this local story. The kicker was that he also got struck off as a doc for mangling some poor woman who he operated on in a BUPA clinic, under their usual "why yes, we'll operate on you with added snobbery, but if you turn out to be ill or something, we'll, uh, dial 999 and dump you on the great British taxpayer" protocol.

Meanwhile, Manhood Hunt for Hoxton Bus Masturbator. Hoxton Bus Masturbator is such a band name, isn't it?

belle le triste

Why "manhood" hunt?


I presumed it was because it appeared in the photo, but actually not...


I tried posting something on LSD, the Vietnamese and Hoxton, though so as not to repeat if it re-appears I'll just mention that LSD supply alwys seems to have gone up and down a lot, it's not so much the pre-cursors as the care required to make LSD-25.


I think Chris Williams suggested this.

Chris Williams

Unlike Capt Exum, I wasn't joking. Although, the hall of mirrors being what it is. I'm not completely sure that AM's joking.


Yeah, I saw that and thought of Chris. Kind of wistful isn't it?


They're hardly going to abandon the Southern border though, are they. I'm sure Israel would support Hezbollah going in...


The pattern in Southern Levbanon was local militias stiffened by Hezbollah regulars & roving AT teams. they could probably spare a battallion or so for the same kind of fight. I think there may be issues over terrain, though, unless the Iranians have been teaching the Hezbies desert warfare.

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