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March 26, 2011



I suspect this is precisely the right judgement. As I shuffled my 14 yr old and his mates away from their wide-eyed fascination with the folk in ski-masks and the hippy street theatre @ F&M, I thought of the confrontation that was obviously coming as a sort of natural phenomen like a change in the weather. Didn't occur to me it might undermine the message of a jolly day out for a half a million of others.

Martin Wisse

And of course people likely to lose their jobs because of cuts supposedly necessary to balance the budget won't cry to much if a shop of one of the people who routinely fail to pay their taxes gets smashed up.


Best slogan from yesterday: "Eric Pickles Ate My Hospital"


I take it everyone's seen that rapper's attack on Lansley on Youtube (was Guardian article about him on Saturday, which was nice).


Best - or at least, most striking - placard I saw was a guy carrying a genuine original oil painting (of Clegg the fool obscuring the naked Cameron's privates)

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