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May 16, 2011


Barry Freed

And here's BHL the buffoon right on schedule:



Fucking hell, that's low. I think Myles should just pack up and go home, he's not equal to BHL.

Barry Freed

And apparently he knows it (check that thread). Well there's hope yet...


Well, even if it wasn't a honey trap, the question is whether this crime by Strauss-Kahn will be taken as an opportunity by the neoliberals to undo any attempt (however feeble) to take the IMF in a more moderate direction. And of course it will.

Similarly, even if Huhne did fiddle his speeding points, will his demise be taken as an opportunity by the neoliberals to backslide on Britain's carbon emissions targets. And yes of course it will.

I don't know what you can do about it - the principle that no-one is above the law is fairly important - but do we always have to concede the policy just because its exponent blew it? The non-neolibs should fight harder in these types of circumstances, but never do.


A BHL interview with Stephen Sackur is on BBC News channel as I write.


Also, CounterPunch is running articles by Israel Shamir now? I'd have thought they had more sense.

Chris Williams

Counterpunch have been skating close to the antizionist deep end for years. One little perhaps anger-induced wobble over the line ("IDF just killed my mate. Sod it, let's print that." might be how it went) and blip, they are in with the bad fairies. Morons. The point is to win, not become the thing you hate because it makes you feel better.

On the other hand, do you know that the Standpoint comments carried a link to Shamir's website for a time, until I pointed this out to WKAY Amis the webmaster?


I'd have thought they had more sense.

Well, ye ken noo.


Is that counterpunch run by Alexander "There's no such thing as global warming" Cockburn? Or the other one that regularly prints articles by insane libertarians, just because there's a tiny bit of agreement on the permanent war? Not to mention all the conspiratorial crap that they print.


Alexander Cockburn, the guy who ran Kerry/Fonda. Don't forget!


Counterpunch has a lot more good stuff than bad stuff on it. But sometimes a little too much bad stuff for my liking. (I've said before on here that there's very often a strong sense of score-settling, or rather feud-pursuing, with Cockburn. This never makes for a sense of perspective, and it's something very common in Decency.)

I used to read it every day. Now I just try and keep up with the comments on here. What on Earth has happened in recent weeks? It’s got completely out of control.

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