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June 11, 2011



I always hoped the real version was that when Zhou was asked what he thought of the French revolution he replied "It was FUCKING GREAT!" and started making enthusiastic chopping motions with the side of his hand until restrained by his aides.


As someone reminded us on Paul Staines' blog recently.


Essentially the same joke always occurs to me on a Saturday morning Jamie, but in a much less elevated context. That's when I read the Guardian mag and get to the 'blind date' feature. The last question asks the participants to give each other marks out of ten and whether they'll meet again. They always say, " nine out of ten, may meet again but only as friends" or some such.

I really want someone to say, "That bastard who gave me a STD? I'd only meet him again to chop his bollocks off...."


The Guardian has a blind date feature?

And you read it?

O tempora, o mores...


Ejh: I consider myself duly reprimanded. But everyone needs some light relief from following Jamie's links to pictures of skinned combatants in Mexican drug wars...

john b

I'm quite a fan of battered eels. And the Grauniad Saturday mag as bath-reading is the only piece of not-really-replicable British media I really miss.

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