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June 17, 2011



But then, I fear that my writing will become like his, so maybe he has a role as a negative example?


He could have turned to the news pages of his own paper yesterday to see that the reason for this is very simple: they're really cheap businesses to set up, if they work at all they're a quick cash turnover, and a lot of people are out of work.


Yeah, nail technician classes are really popular at the local college. It's thought of as a good solid trade for women and you can rent shopfronts cheaply round here, at least off the main drag.


Also, if you have to have a failing business you might as well have one where you're bound to see all your mates during the normal course of the day.


They also in many instances work on the Peter Stringfellow business model - the nail-painters are freelance contractors who pay a fee to the person on the shopfront lease for the privilege of touting their wares

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