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July 23, 2011


Syd Webb

The Murdoch publishing empire is big. It's not just the Zondervan arm of Murdoch Inc, mentioned in the link, that prints Bibles. I'm a proud possessor of the HarperCollins Study Bible, HarperCollins being another Murdoch imprint.


Charles Moore (Old Etonian, official biographer of Lady T, Catholic convert) in actually worth reading shock:
"It has taken me more than 30 years as a journalist to ask myself this question, but this week I find that I must: is the Left right after all?"


One of the tragedies of my life is that I am not an old Etonian with a trust fund. When they talk about the politics of Envy, my only response is "can you blame me?"


Moore is a High Tory.
What's interesting is he's not talking about the politics of envy. He's absorbed a lot of the anti-market critique, and is crediting 'The Left' for spotting things he missed.
Of course, in his final paragraph he pulls himself back from the brink. I imagine his preferred solutions would be nationalist (restrictions on sinister cosmopolitan finance, immigration laws restraining free movement of people, etc).
In any event, he's one data point in a wider analysis of Cameron's internal party problems.

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