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July 25, 2011


Richard J

and I don’t believe his stepmother was Vice Consul:

Actually, his father was in the Norwegian diplomatic service, so it's not intrinsically implausible. And, TBH, the quoted bit sounds remarkably like the 'jaded expat' routine I've heard from lots of people over the years. Perhaps this is one of the few bits in the thesis that wasn't C&Ped from elsewhere.

Ken MacLeod

More on monoculture versus multiculture, from an actual online argument with him, here.


So the Chinese Communist Party aren't Marxists?


One neocon analysis of Chinese communism says that it's basically an updating of the traditonally totalitarian oriental mindset generated originally by forced communal labour in dynastic times.


Candlestick/MACD strategies?

Steve Williams

New lighting system in McDonald's.


A daytrader as well too?


Ah, "oriental despotism" and water supply. Put to bed as a historical thesis long ago. Not that that's ever stopped neo-cons jumping on anything.

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