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August 05, 2011



I am not clicking on that. I have spent perhaps half my life avoiding that voice and I am not clicking on that.


Mon semblable! Mon frère!


Ah, come on guys! It's a historical artifact! It's Friday night!


You stay hidden and see how it should be done:

Leonard Hatred

I'm too young to remember Thatcher, so this is instructive. You can't even see the strings!

Barry Freed

OK, I'll take one for B&T comrades; just don't post any Ronald Reagan vids, please. Here's the nut:

Thatcher: "Pol Pot could not go back...but some of the Khmer Rouge of course are very different I think there are probably two parts to the Khmer Rouge there are those who supported Pol Pot and then there is a much much more reasonable grouping within that title 'Khmer Rouge'..."

Caron Keating: "Do you think so?"

Thatcher :"Well that is what i'm assured by people that know..."

A bit later: "the key people to the Pol Pot matter are the Chinese, the Chinese and the Soviet Union both wish to see peace brought to Kampuchea..."

Then she stood up, grew a metal exoskeleton with handlebars coming out of ears and started stomping around the studio exclaiming "Delete! You will be upgraded, there is no alternative!" in a robotic voice.

The program is actually from December of 1988. Also, "artefact" Jamie, gotta preserve those local peculiarities we yanks find so quaint :-)


OK, I accept it's a bit off in the context of killing fields, but Caron Keating was totally hot, was she not? And maybe my age here, but showing there was something in the 80s styling.

Now, was she Gloria Hunniford's daughter or Sophie Ellis Bextor's mother?

john b

The former. Janet Ellis was the latter.

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