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August 20, 2011



I assume that the paper will now organise a collection for Mr Williamson much like the one organised in Tottenham for the barber whose shop was burned down.

I note that his solicitor says:

(courts dealing with riot cases have been) "very much dealing with a presumption of guilt as opposed to a presumption of innocence".

Anybody going to be surprised if lots of cases of alleged wrongful conviction come up over the next few weeks and months?


In Hackney one woman (she's in her 20s) who had a good university place lined up was convicted of intent to commit a crime. Because she was, you know, near a place where crime was happening.

Leonard Hatred

Tough on pre-crime, tough on the causes of pre-crime.

Richard J

Twenty years in the iso-cube for such thoughts, citizens.

john b

The girl in Hackney pleaded guilty, despite clearly not being - I think her plea (as opposed to sentence) was before the Judge Dredd-style sentencing became apparent, so presumably her solicitor advised her to plead and cop a community sentence so it'd all go away and she could get on with her life. Interesting that even a solicitor in the midst of the melee didn't realise the state was going to go on an insane, vindictive, mediaeval-style rampage.

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