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August 11, 2011


gastro george

Oh, I think that there's more going on in villages than you think - there's plenty of rural poverty, access to drugs, "mindless violence", etc. You just don't hear about it because it's too small scale.




What gastro george says, plus extra "constantly fucking and fighting". Give me a big city centre on a Friday night over some Shire market town any day. At least there are enough different places that you can avoid the nutters when in the city.


There's even lots more going on in quiet dormitory suburbs - when my dad was the local police sargeant in the one we lived in in the late 80's/ early 90's, he said you'd be amazed at who was having an affair/ embezzling money/ doing drugs/ drink driving/ selling drugs etc.

Still much nicer place to live though.


Against that, there's the fact that many Tories - especially of the new intake - are of a metropolitan inclination: they only moved to the country to get themselves a safe seat, and still spend most of their time in inner London.

To that end, a hard police crackdown in the estates combined with the benefit cap is not so much a product of an anti-urban bias as of a desire to make inner London the secure preserve of people like themselves.


Indulging my anti-rural bias for a moment, if I were Prime Minister, I’d give serious consideration to dispersing the gangs of London and elsewhere by forcing their members split up and live in villages of the kind known as quintessentially English.

Isn't this already happening with the Great Compulsory Oik Hejira from London to places like Hastings?
Anyway, there is arguably already a government department dedicated to taking on large numbers of young delinquents from Britain's inner cities and compelling them to live in nice bits of the countryside, and it's called "The British Army". (I exclude the Parachute Regiment from this analysis because Colchester isn't actually that nice.)

john b

This is why it took me years to understand why DM readers were *so* Broken-Britain-Hang-Em-All about licensing laws and suchlike.

I figured that having lived in two wealthy suburban towns (Guildford & Oxford), plus assorted working-class bits of Manchester and London, and having pretty such never seen Feral Drunken Yoof Carnage, it was all bollocks.

I hadn't registered that it's actually middle-class market towns where Things Go Bad until I went for a night out in Newbury. Then, I actually got it. Especially because people who live in Newbury probably think it's even worse in That London.


Hang on, didn't they try that with the new towns a few decades ago...

john b

Ajay - I thought the Paras were in Aldershot, which also isn't all that nice?


They were; they're now in Colchester, along with the rest of 16 Air Assault Brigade and the military prison.


Colchester is perfectly all right, and it's not far from Mersea which is lovely. I spent my fucking holidays in Colchester a few years ago. You're laughing at me now, aren't you?


If it would dare to sort out its traffic, City Centre Colchester could be pretty good, if not right at the heart of things.


I spent my fucking holidays in Colchester a few years ago. You're laughing at me now, aren't you?

Non equidem invideo, miror magis, dsquared.


Drug use by kids in Dorset and Devon villages is at a pretty terrifying level. I'm sure its no different elsewhere.

Basically your problem is bored teenagers. The countryside is incredibly boring for most teenagers.


It's similar in lowland Scotland, certainly.


I was privileged, on Look East on Thursday, to see part of a speech by Nadine Dorries. Now I have seen that, is there anything else left to see?


Oh, re: Colchester, Layer Road (now defunct) is the single most unpleasant ground, as far as the accompanying commentary provided by a segment of the home support is concerned, that I have ever been to. (Nil-nil draw against Bristol Rovers about nine seasons ago.) My word, there was no prejudice they did not voice, nor any minority they did not choose to bait.

(Look East, by the way, not remotely as bad as the prick who's the BBC UK Affairs correspondent, about whom I've just finished complaining chez Flying Rodent. Jesus Christ.)


I've been to Colchester. I grew up in Aldershot.Colchester gets my vote as the more pleasant place every time. It's got a university, after all.
Aldershot in the 1970s might have been the only town of 35,000 people that managed to support three Tattoo parlours and a stock car racing stadium. Pretty crappy football ground as well, as I suspect ejh will agree.


Only been once (Aldershot 1 Hartlepool 5). It wasn't great.

Igor Belanov

Then again ejh, watching Hartlepool score five away from home really is something special to experience!


So is seeing them win seven home games on the trot, which I managed in 1999/2000. (Actually, it may have been more than seven, I lost count...)


Hartlepool, eh? I was once friendly with a native who described the place to me as 'The biggest village in Europe: 90,000 people and only 7 surnames'...

Mind, winning 1-5 at Aldershot hardly made the football team unique...

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